Spanish visa requirements for living in Valencia Spain

Find some of the Spanish visa requirements for living legally in Spain, immigration appeals and many other relocation services by ASSISTyouUP Relocation Valencia Services;

Citizens living in Spain

If you come to Spain from an European country, an Spanish visa won´t be required for entry into the country -If you are coming and plan to stay for a period of three months no longer that 6 months per year, your passport must be valid for a period of 90 days after the length of the planned stay in Spain.

In the case of children travelling with an ID document, this must be accompanied by written permission from their parents.

If you come to Spain from a non European country, citizens must be in possession of Spanish visa or documents which justify the object and the conditions of your stay, and be in possession of sufficient economic means for maintenance yourself throughout the period you are intending to remain legally in Spain. Of course applying for an Spanish visa in advance before coming to Spain.

For more information please visit Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación.


Turist and short stays Spanish visas

The Schengen Agreement establishes a unified type of Spanish visa for short stays (up to 90 days) for the participant European countries, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

If you intend to visit several Schengen countries, you must apply at the consulate of your main destination (where you are spending most of the days).

If you are part of a cruise please note the number of days spent in each port. If you are spending the same amount of days in several countries, you must apply at the consulate of your country of first entry.

US citizens and citizens of other nationalities are not included in the list of countries that need an Spanish visa to cross the Schengen borders, they can stay up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without an Spanish visa.

There are three general rules to travelling with your pet, animals should be accompanied by their owners or representatives, must be duly identified and must have their accompanying animal health certificate, which should include a copy written in Spanish. Please take into account that all pets must be in possession of the correct veterinary certificate or passport, according to the species of animal.

turist in a plane

Spanish Work visa

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens, with the exception of Croatians up until 30 June 2020, can work without a work permit in Spain but almost everyone else needs one.

It’s the employer’s responsibility to apply for one on your behalf so first you need to get an offer of work and a work contract; once you have that and your employer has obtained the work authorisation on your behalf, you can apply for a visa to come to Spain.

Spanish GOLD visa

The designated Golden Investors Spanish Visa program offer non EU applicants and theirs families the opportunity to obtain the right to live in Spain and reach an Spanish travel visa free travel within the 26 EU countries that signed the Schengen Convention.

The Golden Spanish Visa Program which presents the option of citizenship by economic investment.
Late in the year 2013, the Spanish Government approved its long anticipated investors visa that is kept to non EU foreign national who are investing by purchasing Real estate property, investment in government bonds or in shares in private companies or undertake an Spanish business project.

spanish visa

Family Spanish visa

You can apply for family reunification if you have already lived legally in Spain, with a resident permit, for one year and if you have the residence permit for at least one more year. Your relatives have to enter with their corresponding Spanish visa of residence granted to them for family reunification.

In order to be granted this permit, before they arrive you have to personally apply for their residence permit for family reunification. Also you have to show that you have enough living space for your family members.

In Spain you can be reunited with your husband, wife or civil partner, your children and the minors of your spouse or civil partner, including adopted minors and disabled children of any age.

Also your ancestors and those of your spouse or civil partner if they are economically independent from the Spanish welfare state and if there are reasons that justify their residence permit for Spain.

Student Spanish visa

If you are coming to Spain to study, you have to find a course or programme that will accept you first and then you can apply for an Spanish visa before your arrival. All students intending to study in Spain for more than 180 days will be required to obtain a Certification of absence of police records.

Student Spanish visas are required for those whose time of study in Spain exceeds 90 days.

student in library

Non lucrative Spanish visas

These Spanish visas allow citizens to reside in Spain but do not entitle to engage in a professional activity or employment. Non-Lucrative Residence Visas cannot be issued without previous approval of the central services in Madrid. Resolution time is about three months.

As you can see, there are many types of Spanish Visa, depending on each case, different procedures are carried out and different documentation is requested. Settling in Spain is not easy, so from AssistyouUP we will help you throughout the visa processing services in Valencia.

Health insurance in Spain for foreigners

How to register for Spanish healthcare insurance

Anyone working in Spain receives a social security number to have a health insurance and must pay monthly contributions which are automatically deducted from their wages. The employers also contributing a percentage to the scheme for each worker.

If you are self-employed you are responsible for paying your own social security contributions, and you can apply for a social security number at your nearest Social Security Office.

Once you have been formally registered with the social security system in Spain, you will receive a document entitling you to medical assistance. This form can then be used to apply for a health card, known as a Tarjeta Sanitaria or TSI. You can receive your health card by applying at your closest state health centre, where you must present your social security and national insurance certificates, as well as your passport.


The Spanish healthcare, amongst the best in the world

The Spanish healthcare system ranks amongst the best in the world and is funded by social security payments. All residents in Spain have access to the free public Spanish healthcare system, although most of them hire an extra private insurance cover necessary in certain situations.

operation in hospital

Additional health insurance in Valencia

Depending on your circumstances, however, some additional health insurance in Spain cover may be required, while private health insurance offers quicker medical treatment in private facilities. discusses the Spanish healthcare system and any changes that might apply to ex-pats.

If you require additional health services, Spanish private health insurance companies offer a range of packages which cater specifically to your age, health condition and other circumstances, some residents do opt for private healthcare in Spain to avoid the lengthy waiting times associated with the public service.

Foreigners may like to check if their package provides the same protection in Spain as it does in their country of origin, but the private health insurance is really NO expensive as in foreigners countries that we highly recommend to contract one.

A private health insurance plan can also enable you to select an English doctor speaker, which may be of particular importance to those who expect to be in regular contact with their doctors.

private health insurance

European Health Insurance Card in Spain (EHIC)

If you have an EHIC issued by an EU-member state and you are in Spain on a holiday or other temporary visit – that is, you are not yet a resident in Spain – you can use your EHIC to access state healthcare in Spain. You can also use it if you are studying in Spain as part of a course based in your home country.

You cannot use the EHIC if you are coming to Spain specifically to get medical treatment or to give birth. If this is the case, you should seek advice from the health authorities in your home country before coming to Spain.

doctor with a patient

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals whom have reached retirement age in their home country are entitled to free health care in Spain. In order to qualify they must obtain a Form S1 from their country of residence. Acquiring this form prior to departure is advisable and will help simplify the registration process in Spain.

Third country nationals

Non-EU/EEA nationals may have to provide proof of private health insurance before being granted a Spanish visa. Some non-EU nations, however, do have an agreement in place with Spain so it’s important to enquire about your entitlements with the consulate or embassy in your home country prior to arrival.


EU nationals studying in Spain will also be covered by their EHIC throughout their period of study. Non-EU students, however, may be required to take out a private health insurance plan prior to arrival, although their university can provide more detail.

spanish doctors

ASSISTyouUP, an expert Relocation company in Valencia will help you to hire the best insurance option for your health, a great assistance to make you feel safe in your new place of residence. Contact us; info@assistyouup.com.

Studies in Valencia, where to live

Studies in Valencia

One of the most important things you need to take care before starting your studies in Valencia, is to find a place to live. In general, the amount you spend per household should be limited to a quarter or a third of the total amount you plan to spend on living expenses

The best dates to rent a house in Valencia

Most of the students who come to Valencia live in shared flats with other students, although there is also the option of living in university residences or even in a family home.

The best dates to find something when there are more options and better prices is during the summer until mid-August and in January for those arriving in the second quarter.

The deposit is usually one month rent and is returned to you when you leave the flat. Make sure you read the contracts carefully especially the policy on leaving the flat and how much money you will get back.

rental agreement

The best thing to

We suggest that you don’t delay choosing a flat for more than 4 or 5 days because if you wait longer some of the flats could be rented by the time you decide to take them.

The best thing to do is find a flat or a room before you arrive. Valencia is one of the first Erasmus city destination in Europe and to find a place near your university could be a difficult process if you don´t think with time in advance.

It is especially important to consider the location in the selection of your home. If you live farther than within walking distance of the University of Valencia, it can be inconvenient unless you are close to public transportation or if you have a car. You can choose from a variety of options, rent an apartment, rent rooms, or even think about having a property in Valencia.

studies in valencia

The perfect area for students

The surroundings of the University of Valencia are the perfect area for students to live in shared flats. Sites such as Avenida Blasco Ibañez, Avenida Ramón LLull, Plaza Honduras, Plaza del Cedro. This is the area that Happy Erasmus would recommend. It is well connected to the rest of the city with all the necessary services.

Another student area in Valencia is the neighborhood of Benimaclet, also close to universities and generally cheap flats that are a bit older. It is well connected to the city by tram, metro and bus lines.

There are students who decide to live in the center of Valencia, for example, in the Carmen, which is also a good option, although during the first weeks most students are not in this area which means that you have to go a bit more away go to the same places as your friends and go to classes that are in the Blasco Ibañez area.

Another area where students decide to live in Valencia is near the beach in the Cabañal neighborhood, for the period from March to July, living here has many advantages given that it is close to the beach and is where most people spend their free time.

benimaclet tram station

Transport in Valencia

Valencia is an easy city, the transport options to studies in Valencia are buses, metro, taxis, car rental, walking and trams.

Taking the buses in Valencia will offer you the opportunity to move around the city while enjoying the views while traveling.

If you decide to travel by bus, it is worth buying combined tickets that will allow you to take the bus, as well as the tram and the underground. The underground system of Valencia is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get around the city. There will be parts of Valencia that cannot be reached by metro, don´t worry the whole city is perfectly connected by buses or trams.

Valencia is a very friendly city, and many students enjoy using this form of transport to get around. In fact, you will see bicycle lanes. There are specific lanes for you to ride on, there are bicycle lanes along the main highways, by the beach and also in the park. Valenbisi is a new concept related to the individualized urban transport thanks to a bicycle around the whole Valencia.

valenbisi transport

ASSISTyouUP will help you in the whole process, our goal is to make your life easier in Valencia, find a perfect place for you to live and offer every solution according to your needs. Mail us info@assistyouup.com and experience the greatest studies time in Valencia.

Retiring to Spain, Living in Spain as a Retiree

Retiring to Spain

Retiring to Spain, Valencia is the best places to retire, beautiful beaches and warm temperatures during the whole year. It is an amazing mediterranean coast city. Visible vestiges remain of Roman, Medieval and Moorish periods in the city’s history, but its most spectacular architecture dates to the city’s 15th century golden age.

It’s also one of Spanish’s largest cities, and with a population about 800,000 citizens. it’s compact and manageable, and it’s known for having beautiful beaches and orange groves. For sure you’ll find a nice home-away-from-home in Spain.

If you’re considering making a new life for yourself or your family in Valencia (Spain), you’re hardly alone. More than 5.5 million foreign nationals are now living in Spain, accounting for more than 12% of its population. Spain’s expat population is increasing by British, Germans, French, Italians citizens, but an important increasing number of Americans are finding their way here, too.

retiring to spain, walking on the beach

Requirements to retire in Spain

If you are interested in get a residency visa from another EU country in Spain, you should know that it isn’t transferrable to Spain without go through a visa process. To get an Spanish residency visa, you’ll need to apply for the visado de residencia from the Spanish consulate nearest to you before you travel to Spain.

For American retirees, rules for residency visas for citizens of the United States may change slightly over time. However, in general you’d go through the same process as any other foreigner. You’ll apply for the visado de residencia from the embassy nearest your home Then, will it’s up to the Spanish authorities to grant you a visa. Contact ASSISTyouUP, our immigrations lawyers will find the best way to get your SPANISH VISA.

visa document

Living Costs in Spain

Retiring to Spain -Valencia- pretty much guarantees you can retire comfortably. If you’re willing to budget and live cheaply, as little as €20,000 yearly here is a dream to come true.
Also, real estate prices have remained low ever since the 2007 financial crisis. So if you’re looking to buy property in Spain, AssitsyouUP will find your DREAM HOME, now is still a good time to make a profit investment here or buy a beautiful place for living with a real high quality of life.

bills and coins

Spanish Healthcare

European people in receipt of an European Pension are entitled to the same level of state healthcare as a Spaniard under the national insurance scheme. This is thanks to Spain and the European Union members of the European Economic Area (EEA), meaning certain benefits are transferrable between all their countries.

Pensioners should start the process before leaving their countries, by applying for an S1 form from the International Pension Centre. Once in Spain, register your S1 at your local Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS) office to receive an accreditation letter, which will enable you to register with a doctor at your local medical centre.

ASSISTyouUP is an expert in the provision of advice and support to those planning a new life abroad, particularly in retirement for more information contact us.

hospital in valencia

Spanish Tax for Retirees

Retiring to Spain and spending more than 183 days during a calendar year there means you should become tax resident there. This means you will need a Spanish tax identification number, known as an NIE, which you also need to purchase a property and other many issues.

Once you are tax resident in Spain, you are liable to pay income tax there on your worldwide income. It is highly likely you will need to file an annual Spanish tax return and declare any assets outside of Spain, especially if you will need to claim any tax relief. It is advisable to get help with filing your annual tax forms in Spain.

This will ensure you not only follow the correct procedures and complete the right paperwork, but are in a position to take any appropriate measures to minimise your tax liabilities.


Employee Relocation in Valencia

Our knowledge and expertise puts us at the forefront of any Employee Relocation in Valencia. We are located at Valencia center. Whatever, the service we offer businesses and people a range of relocation services, from Area Orientation to Settling-In services, as well as Property Management.

At ASSISTyouUP, we pride ourselves on providing a full breadth of services that may be required during a relocation. We can therefore assist with all aspects of a move, enabling us to offer a full end-to-end solution for your relocation in Valencia.

Your employees are your most asset so we treat employee relocation with the up most importance. We make sure they are supported and informed throughout the relocation project.

We understand and appreciate that your employees’ time is precious so we meticulously plan every aspect of your relocation with them and their productivity in mind.

employee relocation orientation

Stress-free experience for employer and employee

We ensure a stress-free experience for employer and employee alike. Your dedicated project manager will oversee your relocation and facilitate communication to ensure everyone feels reassured and confident about the move.

A collaborative environment is one of the key elements of how our team at ASSISTyouUP is committed to deliver on all you need.

Our team is made up of dedicated, experienced specialists who work across all areas of corporate relocation service delivery to ensure we implement shared ownership of the core activities when undertaking an employee’s relocation.

Pre-decision services aim to uncover any potential issues that may arise prior to the employee’s relocation to reduce the risk of a failed relocation.

employee engagement

Failed relocations

Some of the most common reasons for failed relocations include, a slow real estate housing, family resistance to move, inflated costs of housing in the relocation place.

Typically, managing a company’s job mobility represents ongoing employee relocation support services, vendor management, candidate selection, relocation benefits, and expense management. Corporate relocation programs can vary across companies due to size, need, or destination.

relocation housing

Terms to consider in employee relocation

  • What currency will be used to pay the employee?
  • How long is the relocation?
  • Loss of taxes
  • Tax consultancy costs
  • Accommodation Buying and Rental
  • Cars Services
  • Driving license
  • Scholarship
  • Spanish Language
  • Transportation
  • Travels
  • Private medical insurance
  • Social Life

employee relocation services

Relocation services in Valencia

If your company does not have these relocation services, from ASSISTyouUP we can help you in all the complicated process of being located in a new country, a new city, customs, language, banking procedures, visas, nie legal costs, residences, registration service, housing, premises of work and residence.


Visit Valencia, International Spanish city

5 reasons to live in Valencia

Valencia is one of the most vibrant short break destinations in Europe. Live in Valencia has its fair share of history, art, music, culture and theater. The province’s best aspect is that it is absolutely livable and with new direct flights from important Europe main cities. Valencia is the third bigger city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona.

2017 is the Year of Sustainable Tourism and Valencia is a great place to celebrate it. Visitors can explore the city on foot or by bike with a wonderful weather almost the whole year.

Why you should consider to live in Valencia?


1. Live in Valencia is cheaper than in other Spanish main cities

Save money and live in the best Spanish cityLiving with a wage of 800 euros per month is perfectly possible in Valenncia. However, earning an amount closer to 1,200 euros per month will allow you to live without worrying about every penny, and to invest your hard earned cash on exploring the beautiful region.





2. The Mediterranean at Your Fingertips

Valencia Beach

When you first think about moving to Valencia you usually have two vivid visions. The first incorporates to live close to the sea with long sandy beaches and the beautiful blue-turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, secondly the amazing sun arising almost every day with a wonderful weather and the delicious Spanish dishes tapas, paella and everything of these specialties. Valencia has its own rich culture and history to enjoy in every corner of the city.




3. Paella & Horchata

ValenciValencian horchataa has been named the World’s Food Capital 2017 by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and will be at the center of the debate about feeding the world in a sustainable and healthy way this year.

Although you can find these delicacies anywhere in Spain, the truth is they are from Valencia! horchata, a delicious creamy drink made from the tuber called chufa (tiger nuts), originates from a little town called Alboraya just 3 kilometers north of Valencia city. While Paella originates from all the whole province, the ability to have either of these specialties at your fingertips is a true advantage.


4.Valencia is a province full of fun festivals

Fallas ValenciaValencia is a province full of fun festivals that you cannot experience anywhere else. Live in Valencia is a great opportunity to take part in these unique, world-famous parties called LAS FALLAS making memories you’ll never forget.





5. Top Universities

Valencia´s UniversitiesValencia’s universities are known through Europe for offering a high quality education and currently having around 60,000 students. It consists of three campuses: The Burjassot Campus, The Blasco Ibañez Campus, and The Tarongers Campus.  Thanks to international exchanges, students from different nationalities and cultures live and work together at the Universitat de Valencia.





You could find more than 5 reasons to live in Valencia, Valencia is full of life and experiences to enjoy. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you want to find assistance and visit  ASSISTyouUP . We will be delighted to attend you in the whole Relocation process. Feel at home with us¡

ALBUFERA VALENCIA Amazing Nature Reserve in Spain


Albufera Valencia described by ancient Valencia poets “The Albufera” Natural Reserve is a reflection of a peaceful waters, Valencia´s Albufera is an ideal place for a romantic getaway, a family excursion or a culinary tour to one of the local restaurants in the village “El Palmar”.


Albufera Valencia - Biggest Natural Reserve in Europe

The Albufera – Biggest Natural Reserve in Europe

The Albufera Valencia is the biggest Natural Reserve in Europe, located next to Valencia – less than 10 minutes from Valencia city. Within its 21.000 hectares, it has 3000 hectares of lake, with birds species such as the cinnemon teal, the Northern Shoveller and the Grey Heron, as well s different fish species such as the eal and the Mugilla.

You can navigate its peacefull waters on traditional boats, visit its authentic traditional houses, known as Barracas and see the city´s most spectacular sunsets; you can introduce yourselves in this paradise of rice fields and orange tress.


Typical Valencian Dish

Typical Valencian Dish



Don´t forget to try the typical dish of the area Valencian Paella or any other rice dishes cooked in the restaurants in the village of El Palmar. You can not just dream the Paradise, You can admire directly by visiting this wonderful and amazing Natural Park.




If you come to Valencia we will be delighted to take you to visit  “La Albufera” to try a gorgeous  Paella, or if you come to live to Valencia we will assist you with our full Relocation package of Services ASSISTyouUP. Welcome to Valencia – Welcome to ASSISTyouUP  Contact us; info@assistyouup.com

Valencia Estate Agent

Why to hire ASSISTyouUP Services as Valencia Estate Agent?

Because we offer the best solutions as Valencia Estate Agent for Global Relocation, Real Estate & Investment Assistance Services in Valencia Center Spain. Successful real estate agents are ones who know their job is more about the people they are working for and with, rather than the actual real estate properties themselves.

We coordinate and manage your entire relocation process, from search to inventory check in. School search, settling in services, utilities, you can rely on us for a smooth move-in.

Keep an organized datebook and planner so you will not miss any deadlines or important appointments.

We are listening to your needs and are here to act as your advocate. We don’t just “talk the talk”, we have traveled and lived internationally, are respectful of different cultures, backgrounds and special needs. We act with the utmost integrity both in our interactions with you and also on your behalf. We are connected.

We have access to 100% of properties (including the one that never come onto the open market), we search, preview, short list and negotiate on your behalf.

Boroughs and schools selection, paperwork completion, expert partners, budget, tips to know, we provide you with all necessary information for your moving.

Our mission is to provide a five star service to all our clients, focused on their needs. -We love to help-, this is our “Leitmotiv” and the mean reason to create ASSISTyouUP.

We adapt our assistance programs to fit the unique needs of our clients;   Corporations and their employees, Families, Particulars & Students.

Return calls promptly. We know the importance of not losing your time. All you need is Help. Let us take care of you. Feel at home with us – We are always UP!

Contact us; info@assistyouup.com  +34 615 24 23 80




BUY A PROPERTY AND LIVE BY THE SEAFor many people interested in moving to Valencia-Spain, and before you buy a property -your dream home- can be a daunting and confusing task.

Before you buy a property, you can have a full, in-depth technical investigation through proper channels to ensure you get ALL the information on your home and what you are buying.  Are there any pending fines on the property?

Considerations Before You Buy a Property¡

Know the Value of the Home; Consider your Investment Potential, Consider All the Expenses, Check for Outstanding Permits; Settle on a Price you are Comfortable With, Hire the right Real State Agent.

Work with a Property Management Company to buy an apartment

Think realistically about your time. Do you have the time or desire to answer calls at 2 a.m. for a furnace that stopped working? If the answer is no, then consider hiring a property manager. Like a real estate agent, you’ll want to interview different companies to determine if their services and fees are worth the investment of not having to do background checks, take maintenance calls, and interview tenants yourself. Then much better hire and work with a truly Estate Agent.

Choose a Property to buy That Is Ideal for Your Target Renter

Buy a place and make improvements that cater to the typical renter in that area. You can get the most value by targeting the correct renter in your areas like students, young professionals, families, retirees, or vacationers. If you buy a house that would be ideal for families in an area that is predominantly rented by students or young professionals, there is a good chance you are not maximizing value.

Know Your Inherited Tenants before you buy

If the property is occupied when you purchase it, make sure there are trustworthy tenants living there. Ask the previous property owner for his or her background checks, credit checks, and rental applications as well as the tenant’s rental payment history.

We speak several languages and we have in-depth knowledge of the Spanish laws and regulations to help you in the whole buying process. We can convey these complex issues in easy ways and successful process within our client’s native language.

ASSISTyouUP you can act as a serious asset and safety net in your dream home purchase in Spain. BEFORE you buy a property, Contact ASSISTyouUP  +34 615 24 23 80 info@assistyouup.com

Relocation Valencia UP

Relocation Valencia with ASSISTyouUP

If you are new in Valencia – AssistyouUP Relocation Valencia will make your experience Valencia Amazing and Helpful.

We are (Spanish, English, Italian & German) relocation specialists, who have been providing real estate and relocation services in the Valencia region, Spain. 

With a very extensive knowledge of local amenities, immigration authorities, schools, lawyers and notaries, banking, home search, real estate market trends and legalities / documentation for both sales and short or long term rental, ensures for a smooth and trouble-free relocation service, for individuals, companies, freelance, employees and their families.

Come to Valencia – We will be delighted to attend you.  ALL YOU NEED IS HELP!

Relocation Valencia