Visit Valencia, International Spanish city

There are more facilities to visit Valencia, the expansion of the air connections of Valencia with other points of the world has much to do with the increase of visitors. In 2017, Valencia counted 450,000 new international places and 14 new links for the fall-winter season. For the next summer, there are 22 new routes planned.

Valencia airport is an increasingly busy drop off point for the ever-popular Costa Blanca. It’s also convenient for business travel. The airport is less than ten miles from Valencia city centre. It’s also easy to get to Alaquas, Paterna and Torrent. EasyJet and other low-cost airlines have made a big impact on the airport, bringing huge increases in passenger numbers. These days the city’s metro train line connects the centre, airport and busy port, contributing even more to its popularity

By nationality, Italian tourists were the most numerous, with more than 521,000 travellers, followed by Dutch, British, French, German, Belgian, American, Russian, Swiss and Chinese.

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How many tourists visit Valencia

More than 1.9 million tourists visited Valencia during last year in almost 4.5 million overnight stays, which is a historic record for tourism in the city as it is the highest figure recorded so far. Of the total number of travellers, a total of 976,133 came from foreign destinations

Tourism numbers in Valencia city reached a record high in the first half of 2017, according to provisional figures from Spain’s National Statistics Institute.

The update figures show there was a 6% increase in the number of overnight stays in the city compared with the same period last year, and a total of 2 million overnight stays, breaking the previous record of 1.5 million set in the first 6 months of 2016.

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Reasons to visit Valencia

Valencia is one of the best destination for enjoying life, retirement, shorts visits, cultural breaks, business or activity-filled holidays. It has around 810,000 inhabitants at the last count. Valencia has many wonderful seacoast villages, monuments and beaches to visit. Despite the vast choice, Valencia is the third most visited destination in the country.

So close to the sea, Valencia is a relatively flat city which makes it quite easy for getting around by bike. But perhaps the most bike-friendly aspect is the fact that Valencia has turned its dry river bed into a 9-km green space through the city center, the Jardines del Turia, one of Spain’s largest city parks.

The river was diverted and today is a green space is home to sports parks, the City of Arts and Sciences, museums, children’s playgrounds and a nature park making it one of the best location in Valencia for cycling, running or picnicking. There are a number of bike-rental places around the whole city.

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When to visit Valencia Spain

2017 is the Year of Sustainable Tourism and Valencia is a great place to celebrate it. Visitors can reduce their carbon footprint exploring the city on foot or by bike; enjoy delicious local produce in the many tapas bars and restaurants following the Slow Food movement.

The best time Valencia is almost the whole year due to the wonderful weather conditions, the Mediterranean climate enjoy with a consistently pleasant weather.

If you do not mind the crowd, March is the month to visit Valencia, as it celebrates its biggest annual holiday, Las Fallas is one of the two most famous festivals in Valencia. Las Fallas is different, it’s the construction and burning of the Fallas sculptures that draws people here. But, unlike many festivals in Spain, there is so much more to see and do at the Fallas Festival.

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