Mascleta Fallas Festival 2018

From we are delighted to show you the amazing Festival of the Mascleta Fallas in Valencia 2018. Gunpowder and sound at the same time, celebrating a multitudinous spectacle full of life. This video was recorded on March 13, 2018 from one of the balconies of the Town Hall square, place from where each year is celebrated at 2:00 pm with all the valencian people, visitors arrived from the whole Spain and full of tourist coming around the world. Mascleta gives an special meaning to this Valencian festival.

views of people waiting for the mascleta

Since March 1st to March 19th, every day a pyrotechnic company shoots the mascleta, this moment is a pride honour for the company, and recognition by the audience and visitors. On this occasion, the pyrotechnic company responsible for firing the mascletà was the Crespo from Alzira pyrotechnics (it has the Guinness title for the manufacture, assembly and firing of the longest firecrackers in the world). We all enjoyed a lot and got an amazing and memorable time.


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