5 reasons to live in Valencia

Valencia is one of the most vibrant short break destinations in Europe. Live in Valencia has its fair share of history, art, music, culture and theater. The province’s best aspect is that it is absolutely livable and with new direct flights from important Europe main cities. Valencia is the third bigger city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona.

2017 is the Year of Sustainable Tourism and Valencia is a great place to celebrate it. Visitors can explore the city on foot or by bike with a wonderful weather almost the whole year.

Why you should consider to live in Valencia?


1. Live in Valencia is cheaper than in other Spanish main cities

Save money and live in the best Spanish cityLiving with a wage of 800 euros per month is perfectly possible in Valenncia. However, earning an amount closer to 1,200 euros per month will allow you to live without worrying about every penny, and to invest your hard earned cash on exploring the beautiful region.





2. The Mediterranean at Your Fingertips

Valencia Beach

When you first think about moving to Valencia you usually have two vivid visions. The first incorporates to live close to the sea with long sandy beaches and the beautiful blue-turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, secondly the amazing sun arising almost every day with a wonderful weather and the delicious Spanish dishes tapas, paella and everything of these specialties. Valencia has its own rich culture and history to enjoy in every corner of the city.




3. Paella & Horchata

ValenciValencian horchataa has been named the World’s Food Capital 2017 by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and will be at the center of the debate about feeding the world in a sustainable and healthy way this year.

Although you can find these delicacies anywhere in Spain, the truth is they are from Valencia! horchata, a delicious creamy drink made from the tuber called chufa (tiger nuts), originates from a little town called Alboraya just 3 kilometers north of Valencia city. While Paella originates from all the whole province, the ability to have either of these specialties at your fingertips is a true advantage.


4.Valencia is a province full of fun festivals

Fallas ValenciaValencia is a province full of fun festivals that you cannot experience anywhere else. Live in Valencia is a great opportunity to take part in these unique, world-famous parties called LAS FALLAS making memories you’ll never forget.





5. Top Universities

Valencia´s UniversitiesValencia’s universities are known through Europe for offering a high quality education and currently having around 60,000 students. It consists of three campuses: The Burjassot Campus, The Blasco Ibañez Campus, and The Tarongers Campus.  Thanks to international exchanges, students from different nationalities and cultures live and work together at the Universitat de Valencia.





You could find more than 5 reasons to live in Valencia, Valencia is full of life and experiences to enjoy. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you want to find assistance and visit  ASSISTyouUP . We will be delighted to attend you in the whole Relocation process. Feel at home with us¡